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April 28 2017

April 13 2017

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Mmmm… How about a chicken biryani?

March 22 2017

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children should not be scared of their parents end of story no excuses

Parents shouldn’t be scared of their children either

What the hell does this even mean. this isn’t even a coherent thought Jfc I am going to kill “It goes both ways” culture with a sword

my 2 month old is growing at a rate too fast to be human soon he will be taller and more powerful than me send h

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March 21 2017

and it annoys me so much that i dont have anyone to talk about this. the people around me are either “lol fuck religion just stop bothering” or “you DARE think about god almighty like that” and it’s so frustrating. because nobody understands. nobody ever understands me

watching welcome to the nhk and misaki dropped the line where she said  that if god would just show her some kind of miracle and assure her that he exists, she could blame him for all the bad things that happened to her, so she knows that all these things aren’t her fault.

it hits so much, because this is exactly what is my struggle as someone who got brought up strictly catholic but with abusive parents. i never got the feeling he exists, but i want to blame him, and i want him to exist, just so i have something to hold on to

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This gif was originally intended to end with Winston appearing in the distance but I decided on a perfect loop in the end.

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whyn lewis

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Mood always

my mum told me i should ask my cousin to ask where he bought his switch and i was reluctant and told her several times he’d probably got it from amazon and then finally my mum said “you don’t have to phone him and talk to him, just send him a message” 

FINALLY someone understands and gets me


me talking to my brain: produce some serotonin you fucking coward

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Is this meme old yet?

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normalize shepherding. normalize the idea that you can roam the countryside caring for your flock and spinning fine yarns from their wool. don’t let tumblr make you think you can’t live among sheep for the rest of your days


i am forever bitter that the mage/templar war was reduced to a couple remarks about how bad it is and how immediately it needs to be stopped and the only evidence we got was a couple small groups of mages and templars slapping each other in the woods.

this was suppose to be a world changing war on a cataclysmic scale..

March 20 2017

“The story of two girls longing for their lost bond and wishing for fate to reunite them once again.”

i just want homura to be happy god damnit

“your silver garden” from madoka magica rebellion always gets me so emotional, like i just gotta think about it and remember the context of rebellion and i start crying

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